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Phuket Sandbox model

Seems like tourism in Thailand is about to reopen again and will start in Phuket, we called this model is "Phuket Sandbox" with a lot of news and information came out earlier to confused everyone but look like yesterday (25th Jun 2021) they can finalized all. These are regulations and procedure to entering to Phuket after 1st July 2021;

For foreigners and/or Thais who entering via Phuket International airport:

- Must travel from low to medium-risk countries from Thailand ministry of Health's list. Incase of travel from another country must stay to a country in those list minimum 21 days prior entering to Phuket.

- Required "Certificated of Entry (COE)" which can request at Thai Embassy or consular in every countries.

- Must fully vaccinated 2 doses minimum 14 days prior the journey to Phuket with Vaccine Certificated to show at the immigration. For children under 6 years old can travel with parents (even no vaccines).

- Negative COVID-19 certificate tested no longer than 72 hours prior departure.

- Travel insurance that cover all expenses in health care and medical treatments in the amount not less than 100,000 US dollars.- Require 3 times to do the test by RT-PCR during stay in Phuket, 1st time on the arrival (day 0) and wait 1 night at the hotel, if the result is negative then can go out anywhere on the island. 2nd time on day 6 or 7 and 3rd time on day 12 or 13.

- Must stay at an accommodation that certified "SHA+" (Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration) for 14 nights before travel outside of Phuket and if anyone stay less than 14 nights must leave the country, can't travel somewhere else.

- During travel around Phuket and/or join any activities on the island, those must earn the certified "SHA+" under the procedure of D-M-H-T-T-A.

D = Distancing

M = Mask wearing

H = Hand washing

T = Temperature

T = Testing

A = Application

- Download applications "Thailand plus" and "Tracing Application: Morchana" and allow the apps track during traveling in Thailand at all time.

After 14 days

To travel else where in Thailand by boats, cars or planes the travelers are required to show;

  1. Passport and visa.

  2. The document from Ministry of Health to who has negative COVID-19 tested after 14 days in Phuket.

  3. The proof or the document of staying in a hotel that certified "SHA+".

What you should to know before making the decision;

  1. When you at public areas you have to wear face mask at all time otherwise there is 20,000 Baht (600 USD) fine.

  2. Beware over prices from taxis and Tuk-Tuk, make sure you're dealing the price before get in a vehicle. I'm worried to have so many local people try to overcharge tourists.

  3. If there are over than 90 new cases per week in 3 sub-districts of Phuket, the government might shutdown Phuket again.

If you still interested to visit Phuket until this line, please do not hesitate to contact us for traveling in Phuket and around!

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