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Big Buddha

Landmark tours

The island of Phuket is full of interest and notable landmarks. One that stands out from the crowd is Phuket's Wat Chalong, which is held in particularly high esteem with local Buddhist monks.

Other eye-catching landmarks dotted around Phuket include the beautiful Prom Thep Cape peninsula, Big Buddha, and also Phuket old town.

Animal welfare tour

We are concern about well-treat animals, how people treat them to service tourists especially elephants. With this, tourists will help us to spread words. 

Phuket tours with Jo will be the first travel agency in Phuket who change the trend of travelling to be living good altogether with animals and well treat them for sustainable tourism. 

Phan Nga bay1

Phang Nga bay by long-tail boat tours

The bay is beautiful and stunning sightseeing around so our idea will bring all tourists by long-tail boat as we are not in a hurry.

Visitors may wonder why it is still there when James Bond managed to blow up the secret solar weapon concealed in its interior. Let me show you around Phang Nga bay and we discovery the place together.

Spring roll

Phuket foodie tours

Thai food is one of the top bucket lists for everyone who visit Thailand would like to have opportunity try it. So we bring different types and varieties of Phuket and Thai food for experiences.

We are offer half day tours only but can select for lunch or dinner.  All will be 3 different shops (restaurants) for different taste of food. 

Chalong Rum

Drink & Tasting tour

Drink and tasting tour is another way to discovery a part of Thais. Phuket has offer mix of Thai and Chinese influence with local ingredients to have as Phuket style food. And will go to taste Phuket rum where we will bring you to the distillery and Phuket Craft Beer brewery. Don't missed out to try things differently.

BB sunrise

Phuket sunrise & culture tour

A lot of our customers are require to visit beautiful places but not touristic, less crowd. This is a good opportunity to show you touristic places when other tourists in bed and learn way of life of Phuketians. 
To wake up early sometimes not only negative, we will have chance to see beautiful places before anyone also see local ways.


Phuket fun day tour

Escape the beach to get fun in land, this program is not only on regular day also some raining day will be even more fun with activities we are select for you to enjoy. You will have fun with elephants, zip-line and ATV in one day.

This is suit for children also as you can keep children have fun and busy with fun things.


Sunday shopping tour

Not much to explain for anyone who loves shopping and we will bring you to different places for shop, make sure you have bargain skills as you will need it. 
This tour is operates only on Sunday as Lad Yai market will open on Sunday only, they will closed one road in the heart of the old town for walking street and market alive after 16.00 hrs.

Koh Yao Noi1

Koh Yao Noi tour

Interesting for small island will have many different activities and fun thing to do and not far from Phuket. Koh Yao Noi has attractions based in land and around, we will show you part of land and your free time in sea to discovery on your own. Nice scenery and local ways also some of believe. Agri-culture on the island, and beautiful lunch are waiting for you.

Wat Koh Kaew

Phuket combination tour

A lot of our tourists are interesting in different things and some would like to put them all together in 1 day so this make us come up with this idea, combination tour is combines everything like a bit of long-tail boat, visit temple, go island, tasting rum, viewpoint, and local market shopping. You will have another experience with all mix together.

Baan Teelanka1

Rainy day tour

During monsoon season which is long and unpredictable weather in Phuket we don't want you stuck at the hotel so we create special tour on the rainy day to have fun and enjoy the day without weather problem. All places are indoor so you will make sure that you have cover for you and your family. 

Places all enjoy with adults and children. 


Tailor-made tours

Many time that we feel like tour programs are not matching what we are looking for so I create this part for everyone can make your own tours based on what you are interested, and like to do or see. This will be free follow your enquiry and we will do the best to meet your expectation!

Please leave the message to us!

Other locations

T 813.JPG


The quiet beaches with local touch!

Not far from Phuket, Khao Lak is a peaceful place with beautiful long beaches. The season that good for visiting is November to April. 

Grandfather rock.JPG


Charming island on the Gulf of Thailand!

On the east coast of Thailand with hundred of islands surrounding make Koh Samui so charming with facilities that support tourists from everywhere. 

Blue pool.jpeg


The nature created a paradise place

More and more popular destination every years has more number of visitors discover Krabi. With complete and a lot of nature preserves. 

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