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1. Is it possible to do Phi Phi islands and Phang Nga bay in the same day?
Ans: Yes, it is possible but NOT recommend because of distance between 2 places will make you exhausted and most of the day you will be on the boat which you should enjoyed and relax more. Price also higher than separate tours. 
2. Can we mix itinerary from different tours you offer?
Ans: Yes, you can mix itinerary as we offer customise tours. You just let us know what are you interesting to do and go then we will create itinerary and quote you price. 
3. Are snorkelling and speedboat trip include equipments and life-jackets?
Ans: All tours that will go for snorkelling are include snorkelling equipments, not just speedboat also if you book snorkelling trip by long-tail boat is include. Life-jackets are provide in every types of boat tours. 
4. Are you provide other languages tour guide?
Ans: We are English Speaking guide team however if you would like to have specific language we can recommend to you but they are not a part of our team. 
5. Are you going with join tours?
Ans: No, we are only arrange and provide for you in terms of our standards and quality of tour operators. We will go only with Private and Semi-Private tours.


1. What should we do after put the payment down?

Ans: Please let us know that you already made the payment or you just wait as our team will response you in 24 hours. You will receive confirmations and/or vouchers to confirm your bookings, please recheck correction.

2. Is it necessary to print confirmations and/or vouchers?

Ans: No, it is not necessary to print. The confirmations will be on our side too. Vouchers to tour operators are also not necessary to print however make sure you caption to your phone or some places you can show for your reference. We are paperless company which aim to use 0 papers (right now only welcome sign board and papers for tourists police). 

3. Can we change or adjust the booking after all confirmed?

Ans: Yes, you can adjust, change or update anything after the booking confirmed but please do it at least 3 days in advance to make sure that our team can rearrange and reorganise for you on time. If less than 3 days we will try our best and will report you the best possibility. 

Payments and Cancellations:
1. Is it necessary to put payment in advance?
Ans: This is on your choice, you can also choice to pay cash on tour but as long as no payment, booking will be not confirmed. As private tours we cannot fill up the bookings fast enough because we have only direct booking not pass any agencies. 
2. Can we pay cash direct to the tour operators for join tours?
Ans: If you would like to book with us you cannot however you can book directly with the tour operator full price. We give you some discount as a travel agency but advance payment must be done.
3. Is it PayPal safe for my credit card because I don't have PayPal account?
Ans: Yes, PayPal is safe enough although you do not have an account with them you can pay with your credit card directly by click "Pay with my credit card". 
4. Can we pay outstanding balance by credit card? 
Ans: Yes, you can. Unfortunately the bank is accepted only Visa and MasterCard, if there any update for more Major Cards we will announce to public. 
5. If our member of the tour is sick, is it possible to change the date or cancel the tour? 
Ans: You can change the date but may cause you some fees will depends on which tour and you have to inform us at least 12 hours in advance. To cancel, cancellation policy will applied in this case. You can change number of group, if some members really cannot make it. 


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