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How the Corona virus impact to Phuket

We decide to publish this article for information and reminding us that once we got the situation that's really scary and impact all over the world.

Thailand were 2nd infected population after China from the beginning (back to end of January) and seems like we thought we can fight with the virus due to our weather very hot until the outbreak in Europe and North America...we still think we can handle however we still have tourists visiting everyday and we (Tours with Jo team) were quite busy for 2 weeks working in mid March then the situation is getting worse in Thailand. On 22nd March 2020 our government announced to lockdown Bangkok even that Phuket also got the effect, right now we shutdown the island from land and sea transports only air channel to be in and out of this island. However we got the notice from the governor that from 10th April will be no channel to entering or leave the island until 30th April...for now!

The impact of the Corona virus aka Covid-19 to Phuket island for now is tourism as the island has more than 80% income from tourism industry, all impact to people who work at hotels, souvenir shops, restaurants, spas, travel agencies and etc. Most of private and closed area attractions are closed, all beaches are closed except some open viewpoints and temples. We estimate time to recovery Phuket back to normal with full operation will be December if everything stop in June.

Last week on 26th I had an opportunity to checked out places so I would like to show what is now to compare from your memory and experience about Phuket.

Famous Patong beach and Bangla road (nightlife walking street) was empty, only a few people walk pass me.

Have you ever experience Big Buddha and Phromthep cape with no-one there? My experience is never. Anyway in this situation we hope everyone stay safe. For our business we still stay tune and learn to developing to improve our services when Phuket is ready to welcome all of you again.

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