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Vegetarian Festival

This year 2019 Phuket Vegetarian festival start on 29th September - 07th October. Every year for 9 days 9 nights that people will consumption no products from animals, no vegetables with strong smell such as garlic, spring onion, no alcohol. We are keeping wear white or most part is white to attend to the festival (however you can wear colours too).

During the festival there are many events from everywhere around the island, the most famous one is "Street Procession Ritual" which it has everyday from 30th September until 07th October but the biggest day is on 5th October where the event start from 05.00 - 11.00 hrs. at Jui Tui shrine. This event bring tourists, journalists and photographers from all over the world to witness, experience and understand what are we doing this for.

Vegetarian festival in Phuket start from early 19th century from Chinese who moved to work in mine industry and the community was growing so fast, the biggest Chinese community is located in Kathu. That's make 1 Chineses opera group settle and show all year round, after a while then some members has illness and they believed because they didn't worship to the 9 God Emperors also cannot travel back to China on time so they decided to pray and make a worship to the 9 God Emperor in Phuket, in Kathu district.

Another famous event for this festival is "Walking Fire Ritual". Mainly they do at night except Kathu shrine that will do day time. Also there are Bladder Climbing, Hot Oil bath, Purification and etc. The festival are located in Phuket town and local areas not see much in touristic areas due to it's spiritual festival for Thai-Chinese.

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