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Buddhist Ceremony

Buddhist Ceremony

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"Wien-Tian" is a Thai word to describe Thais Buddhism who hold candle and incense sticks walk around temple's sanctuary or sacred objects 3 times and this event happen 3 times a year. 

Believe that we get "Wien'Tian" motto from India along with Buddhism came to Thailand by showing evidence of respect by candle lit in the Thksinawat is circular, right 3 rounds, symbolising the expression of worship the highest. 

3 days that we will do Wien Tian is;

1. Makha Bucha day is 19th Feb 2019

2. Visakha Bucha day is 18th May 2019

3. Asarnha Bucha day is 16th Jul 2019

We are offer you to learn and witness on this ceremony with Thai dinner for 4 - 5 hours from pick up till drop off at the hotel. 


Please contact

Remark: We can customize itinerary with sightseeing before going to the ceremony.
Dress guidelines: 
What's to bring:
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